Mogulus Announces Live Streaming Platform


NY-based Mogulus has announced the launch today of it's new live streaming platform that enables anyone with a computer, a web-cam and a high speed connection to broadcast like a multi-million dollar television station. The announcement was made at the NewTeeVee event in San Francisco.

They are also streaming the NTV event live so you can watch it from anywhere. From what I have seen, this is the closest thing to an individual being able to create a real, live, actual TV station with badges, tickers, etc. And you can chat with your audience at the same time.

Mogulus also unveiled its Mogulus Grid at the NewTeeVee event. The Mogulus Grid allows you to watch 26 Mogulus Live channels and chat with all of the other viewers. You can also search and browse for channels using the program guide if the top 26 channel selections are not what you want.

I guess this is some competition for Ustream though Mogulus appears to be much larger in name recognition here in NYC.

[via CenterNetwork]

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