View Wikipedia Offline Via Gearsmonkey

wiki-offline-greasemonkey-trans-thumb If you are a Wikipedia fan then you are going to love this amazing trick to read Wikipedia Offline. All you need is a bit of Gearsmonkey magic, ala a combination of Google Gears, Greasemonkey and Firefox. By using Gearsmonkey you can take your favorite website offline using Google Gears.. Well here is what the developer had to say :

Sites with a lot of static information — Wikipedia, any API documentation, web-based email — would be great to be able to use when no internet connection is available. But what if you’re a user that always has an internet connection? Then adding Gears to a site doesn’t do much, right? Wrong. Imagine your favorite website is now stored on your computer, and it syncs whenever there’s altered content. Whenever you look at the site, your browser is grabbing everything straight from your hard drive. Did you just make a search for your best friend on Facebook? Don’t wait 5 seconds the next time that search runs, have the results immediately! Meanwhile, save the webmasters’ precious bandwidth/server power!

Here’s the Greasemonkey script for Wikipedia (requires Firefox + Greasemonkey + Gears). For each Wikipedia article you want to save, click on “cache page” and the script will save the text and the images. It would be nice to make it work with any site.

Read More About the project on Google Code
[Via Ajaxian->dailyApps]

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